Hope Academy Workshops for young cycling enthusiasts


April 2024

Hope Academy Workshops for young cycling enthusiasts

Children's bike rental experts, Hope Academy, will be offering Academy Skill Sessions and MTB skill and technique sessions at Wild Goat Festival this May.

Hope Academy is primarily a children’s bike rental scheme, part of Hope Technology, one of the world leaders in engineering bicycle components. Since 1989, the company has been pushing the industry forward, designing, testing and manufacturing virtually all products in-house at their factory in Barnoldswick, UK. Over time, the Hope brand has become synonymous with high-quality products and sustainability.

With some of the best designers and engineers in the UK, their kids' bikes have the same specifications as adult bikes, just on a smaller frame. This allows for modifications, such as fitting the Duo Brake or blanking the frame to make any size bike a balance bike.

They understand that each child has different biking needs, which is why they offer a wide range of bikes, whether your little one is tearing up the trails or riding on the road for family adventures. Their monthly charges help to make this an affordable option.

Alongside bike rentals, they run Academy Skill Sessions where customers can demo the bikes and brush up on MTB skills and techniques whilst having lots of fun!

The Academy was the brainchild of Director Ian Weatherill. Over the years, they built several high-spec kids bikes for staff members using the company's own components, and realised these bikes were lasting well over 10 years, being passed between staff members. With this in mind, their former Workshop Manager began to source high-end, lightweight components to build up a fleet of affordable bikes for the rental market. These are still the same bikes around today.

The sessions at Wild Goat Festival will be split into two ability groups so everyone can participate. The coaches will go through the basics: cornering, braking, body position, pumping and jumping. Everything you need to make you feel more comfortable and confident on a bike. Even the most advanced riders should come away from the sessions having learned something. The Academy will also have their demo fleet with them so you can have a go on their bikes!

Some of the best young riders started on Academy Bikes. From the Hemingways & Trail Rippers to Bo Barnes... they all started their two-wheel journey with the Academy bikes.

For more events, how to videos, blogs and more, visit their website www.hopeacademyuk.com

Image by James Vincent

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